New Life

Lent is a time for introspection, for reflecting on the death of Jesus and what it means to Christians. It is also a time for joy and for looking forward to the New Life that Easter promises. This devotional will take you through the forty days of Lent, each day bringing a unique and refreshing focus on New Life. Each reading is brought to you by a member of the Association of Christian Writers and brings their personal point of view to the Bible passage. Prepare to be moved, overjoyed, humbled and challenged, but most of all prepare to meet with Christ. Available as ebook or paperback.




Drawn from Words

Inspired by a challenge on social media, a group of friends decided to share our daily creative responses to a list of single words. Before long, the word-a-day challenge had become a place of friendship, inspiration and creative community. This book collects together the offerings of three of the contributors to the challenge, each using a different medium to explore their reactions to the words. You are invited to join us on the journey. Preview/Buy now.





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