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Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment on any post that has particularly touched you, or just fill in the form on my contact page. I love to hear from you.

So, about me…. I made the life-changing decision to follow Jesus when I was about ten years old. I understood that I needed God in my life and I loved Him, although I didn’t fully appreciate what He had done for me at that stage.

I met Adrian in 1998 and we married on 1st May 1999. We discovered we were unable to have children in 2004, shortly after my dad died. A couple of years later, twins were conceived through IVF but, sadly, we lost them both at a very early stage. Read more here.

I was baptised with the Holy Spirit in October 2009 (and Adi in spring 2010) and began to enjoy a new, deeper intimacy with God.

Jesus became even more precious to me a few months later, when I was ill with constant vertigo and severe migraines which resulted in episodic cerebellar ataxia and ME (chronic fatigue). For almost a year, I was unable to do very much. Even shuffling around the house was a struggle and it could take me 20 minutes just to make a cup of tea. But during that time, I experienced the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit as never before. It was an impossible joy that bubbled up within me regardless of the circumstances. And then, at the lowest point of the illness, He broke through and healed me – and I am so thankful to Him! Read more here.

God showed me through that illness that I had been living with shadows in my life: fear, rejection and striving to be accepted, guilt, addictions. But Jesus is the deliverer who breaks invisible chains and sets free, and I am enjoying a freedom in Him that I never knew existed. When He died on the cross and rose again from the dead, He not only took the punishment I deserved for going my own way and rebelling against Him, but He made it possible for His Dad to adopt me and bring me into His family.

In May 2016, I was delighted to co-author Drawn from Words with writer-friends Sharon Kulesa and Amy Scott Robinson.

In 2018, I contributed to a Lent devotional compiled and published by the Association of Christian Writers: New Life.

For my day job, I am a private medical secretary for two dermatologists.

I also enjoy reading, running, knitting, and baking.

Connect with me on Twitter mandyjohnson or Facebook MandyBakerJohnson.

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