When I’m surrounded by rush and stress,
Do this, go there, see to that, don’t forget….
My heart thumps, breathing gets shallow,
head in a spin.
Draw a deep breath.
Go outside, look at the sky:
Clouds ever changing in patterns across the blue,
Never in a tearing rush,
Always moving to an inaudible symphony
of the Creator.
Five minutes to shift my focus from things.
I pick up my yellow bottle and blow bubbles.
Childish maybe? I don’t care.
Bubbles are fun.
They bounce high in translucent colours of faint purples and golds.
Only those who take time to look
see the beauty of these simple things.
In the stillness, I hear an invitation to come.
Come and be with the One who is never in a rush
except when I’m hurting and He races to wrap me in His arms.
He brings comfort and peace and quiet joy.
Stillness in the rush of life.