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After far too long a break, I’m back writing with the Five Minute Friday community! Today we’re writing for five minutes on the topic reflect.


Watching The Apprentice on BBC1 on Wednesday evening gave me cause to reflect. Each candidate is so driven, absolutely focused on becoming super-successful in business, of becoming an entrepreneur. Business seems to be their whole lives. Long hours, little time for family and relationships, they seem to constantly have their eyes fixed on the end goal of success. They can change communities through business and money.

What if, I as a lover of God, was driven and focused on the Kingdom that Jesus ushered in when He came to earth? What if I was utterly obsessed with God and was, as Heidi Baker calls it, a ‘laid-down lover’ of His?

Surely it would impact the community around me. The Bible says that as we gaze at God’s glory (spending time in His Word, praying, enjoying Him), we ourselves are changed from one degree of glory to another. We begin to more and more reflect God. Wow, that’s incredible.

So what am I messing about at? I only have one life. I want it to reflect my Jesus, my Saviour, my Lord.



  1. Visiting from FMF and I am a fellow Apprentice fan! I almost stopped reading in case you mentioned the result of Wednesday’s programme as I have only watched the first half, so thank you for not giving it away!
    It’s so true that it would make a big impact if we could have that same drive and passion for God, if he could truly be our focus in everything we do. Thanks for this challenging post.

    • Mandy

      11/12/2015 at 8:18 pm

      Hi Carly, no spoilers here ha ha! But it really did make me think, what if we were as driven for God as they are for business success? Hmm, definitely challenging.

  2. Stopping by from FMF! Yes, we all have the ability to have that passion and drive…some people choose to funnel it into business and ladder-climbing, and others funnel it to God and making the world a more just place (and, of course, some figure out how to do both!). I wholeheartedly agree that when we do what you described, it does impact the community around us. I am reminded of that more so at this time of year than others – small, random acts of kindness others perform – like the woman who saw me looking at boys coats and asked me if I had a son and whether I thought the jacket she had would fit a 9 year old because she was buying for a family in need and had no frame of reference for a child that age. That’s beautiful. That is love in action.

  3. This: “I only have one life. I want it to reflect my Jesus, my Saviour, my Lord.” speaks of my own heart’s deepest desire. Thank you, Mandy, for reminding us of why we’re here. Blessings. 🙂

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