Every week I join with other writers around the world for #FiveMinuteFriday. This is where we write non-stop for five minutes on a topic chosen by Lisa-Jo Baker. We ignore our inner editor and don’t pause to think too much, we just write. It’s strangely liberating and lots of fun. So here goes on today’s topic: Present.

Five Minute Friday


What do I have right now in the present? Most importantly, I have peace. This is something I suspect I’ve lived without for most of my life. Peace – real peace – is a beautiful thing. For me, it means not having to strive to get God’s attention or try to manipulate Him into doing what I think He should do, but to sit back and trust Him to be in control because He is God and He knows what He’s doing without unnecessary input from me. Peace for me also means not getting stressed by the neighbourhood dogs barking. After my thoughtful hubby prayed for me to be ‘normal’ recently, barking has mercifully been relegated into background ‘white noise’.

What else do I have in the present? I’m enjoying sunshine and summer warmth, while sitting at my laptop writing this. An hour ago, my ‘present’ was lunch with an online-but-new-in-the-real-world friend. We enjoyed macaroni cheese and garlic bread (yum) followed by cake (chocolate and banana for me, carrot for her) and a latte each. We talked non-stop before wandering around arty craft and gift shops, pausing to examine scarves while debating whether or not to treat ourselves (we didn’t). But that’s now in the past of course. My recent past, but my past.

My present now is the alarm on my iPhone erupting; guess my five minutes is up. And my immediate future which will shortly become my present is to save this piece of hurried writing and post it to my blog.