It’s not ‘here comes the bride’ but Here Comes The Ride, another great Andi McConnell mystery by Lorena McCourtney.  Andi becomes concerned for the strangely vulnerable Pam when Pam’s obsessive and overbearing stepmother Michelle books Andi’s limousine as Pam’s wedding car.  Pam is afraid is being murdered at her own wedding by Michelle, because she suspects that Michelle is responsible for her father’s death.  So when things begin to happen on the big day, it’s a huge shock to Andi and Pam when it’s the glamorous Michelle who ends up with a knife in her back (literally).  Pam is the obvious suspect for the murder and it’s not long before she’s arrested.  But Andi is certain that Pam isn’t the culprit, so it’s up to her and her faithful partner in sleuthing, Fitz, to figure out who dunnit.  Which one of the wedding guests had the motive, means and opportunity?  Especially after an ex-boyfriend of Pam’s makes an appearance, and another body turns up in the hot tub.

Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?  Is everyone what they appear to be?  Is Pam as vulnerably innocent as she seems? Who is the mysterious woman who keeps asking about renting the other half of Andi’s duplex?

This book has plenty of twists and turns and will keep you guessing right to the end.  Throughout stalks the adorable, furry, purry Phreddie, who coughs up fur balls at dramatic and inappropriate moments, and enjoys lazing on $24,000 wedding gowns.

Andi McConnell is a fascinating character.  In this book, she is growing in her relationship with God, whom she is coming to rely on in all sorts of incidents that crop up…. Like being strangled with her own handbag strap and learning to skateboard (at the age of sixty!).

This is another excellent murder mystery with plenty of comedic moments and witty descriptions from Lorena McCourtney.  If you haven’t made Andi’s acquaintance yet, I heartily recommend that you get hold of this book.  She is a character not to be missed!  I am grateful to Lorena for her generous gift to me of this Kindle book.