Earlier this year, I met Linda at my friends’ house.  Ron and Una were celebrating their ruby wedding by having friends and family round for an an ‘open house’.  As Adrian and I were leaving, I got chatting with Linda who had just arrived.  I am so glad we met!  It hadn’t been long before that since God completed my healing, and I was still coming to terms with what He’d done for me.  So imagine my delight when Linda shared with me how ill she had been with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome)!  She had suffered with it for eight long years and had been housebound for two of those years.  Because she lived alone, she was completely reliant on social services and good friends who provided basic care for her – feeding and washing her, as well as doing the housework. 

Throughout those eight years, Linda’s church prayed faithfully for her to be healed, but nothing much happened.  Until one Sunday evening….  Read Linda’s story.