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Living without Shadows


In this short but thought-provoking book, Helen Roseveare looks at the different ways we use the English word ‘enough’.  As she explains in the prologue, ‘it is a word that might well be translated by many different words or phrases – but I do believe that they can all be summed up in the one word:  sufficiency’.

In the following six chapters Dr Roseveare looks at whether God is enough for our salvation, our assurance, our emotional support, our ability to please Him, and our happiness and contentment, climaxing with the final chapter in which she considers whether God is our ‘enoughness’ or sufficiency in everything.

Each chapter is headed by a searching question and verse of Scripture, which help tune the mind of the reader to the subject of that chapter.  Although the book is a mere 78 pages, don’t be fooled  – this is absolute dynamite!  Interspersed with honest personal stories and experiences, Dr Roseveare considers God’s ‘enough’ in a thoroughly real and refreshing way.

I was particularly blessed by her chapter on emotional support.  In it Dr Roseveare looks candidly at whether God is enough for single people.  Can He truly satisfy the deep longings of a heart lonely for a marriage partner?  Can He bring healing after someone has suffered the brutality of rape?  Dr Roseveare is able to answer these questions by Scripture and through personal experience.  When I read this, I was struggling to come to terms with being unable to have children of my own.  But I can truthfully say, with Dr Roseveare, that God is enough to satisfy all my longings for a child, just as He is enough to satisfy a single person, and as He is enough to heal a rape victim.

I can highly recommend this short, dynamic, God-centred book, and will be placing a copy in my church’s library tomorrow.

Christian Focus Publications kindly provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of this review.

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