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Remembering Baby Peter

A couple of weeks ago I spent the evening with my friends Andrew and Kay.  We laughed together, shed a few tears together, and had a special time talking about our little ones.  These times of sharing so freely are rare and precious.  So even though the evening was bitter-sweet and painful at times as we remembered baby Peter and Two and Three, we enjoyed it. 

Read Andrew and Kay’s moving story of their beloved firstborn son Peter.

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  1. I was so moved by this story. I used to be a midwife, and it brought back many sad memories. I look back and realise how inadequately I dealt with families when they lost a child. We had so little training back then… I am deeply sorry about that, and hope and pray that things are managed better these days. The Lord bless you for your honesty – it is a precious gift to others in similar situations.

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