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A Broken Mess – Can God Help?

Tracy’s Story

‘I knew what it was like to feel shame. I had deep secrets that I felt, if they were ever known, no one would love me or accept me. Unspeakable things that I hoped I could keep from God Himself, if that were possible. I felt too damaged to ever do anything for God or anyone else, and so ruined that I couldn’t be loved or made complete.

‘We all have labels on our lives. We either put them on ourselves, or we allow others to adhere them to our hearts and minds; labels that deal with our identity, our weaknesses, failures, or even our strengths and successes.

‘I thought my labels read: “Product of Rape”, “Victim of Incest”, “Drug Abuser”, “Child Killer”, “High School Drop Out”, “Unlovable”, “Loser”, and “Worthless”.’

Read more of Tracy’s story here.


  1. Thank you Mandy for sharing the story of God’s Mercy and power. He is greater than any challenge we ever face. I pray that He blesses your blog and your ministry!

    Hugs in Him, Tracy

  2. Mandy

    22/04/2011 at 7:36 pm

    Thanks Tracy, may the Lord continue to bless you too. What an amazing testimony.

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