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Month: June 2010

‘I’m his mother. My job is to protect him.’

Brave words from JoAnne Cascia of New Jersey, America. At twenty six weeks’ gestation, her baby was diagnosed with thanatophoric skeletal dysplasia. This is a lethal form of dwarfism affecting the ribs, making them too small for the baby’s lungs to develop properly. Doctors encouraged her to abort her baby but all she could think was: ‘I’m his mother. My job is to protect him.’ JoAnne carried her baby to term and delivered a beautiful baby boy. She had a precious hour and a half with him before he died.

Read JoAnne’s moving story, and those of four other women who made the courageous choice to carry their seriously ill unborn babies to term here.

To You Alone [Jesus] Belongs The Highest Praise

Adrian and I had a wonderful time with Jubilee Church (NewFrontiers) this morning. The worship was really rousing. Many people were clapping or raising their arms in praise around us, it was great to be there. We sang one of my favourite songs: You alone can rescue…. I especially love the line ‘You came down to find us…’ – that’s precious.

In the middle of all the singing, Adrian and I suddenly spotted at the same time a baby boy in his dad’s arms. His dad had his back to us but the little boy was facing us, raising his hands as we worshipped. It was a moving moment and reminded me strongly of Jesus’ love for little children, and how He always welcomed them. I’m sure He did not disregard this little one as we all worshipped Him together this morning.

From The Lips Of Children And Infants…

This article about children hearing from the Holy Spirit and interceding for children is amazing. The truth of the words of Psalm 8 verse 2 (From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger) is happening before our eyes. Read all about it here.

We need to realise and appreciate the high value God places on children. Many people consider children (and the Bible gives the unborn and the born the same status) to be insignificant. But they are anything but insignificant in God’s eyes. He knows them, values them and wants them to be His intimate friends.

What We Might Have Missed

Andrea Bocelli’s story is so encouraging, that his mum had the courage to have her baby despite difficult circumstances. Although opera singing may not be everyone’s first choice of music, no one can dispute that he has an amazing voice and is a gifted singer. What might the world have missed had his mum taken the doctors’ advice and had him aborted?

May many more mums be brave enough to make the same choice Andrea Bocelli’s mum did.

Read about Bocelli’s story and that of Jamie Carragher (England footballer) here.

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