I’ve just been reading a book containing stories of people who have become followers of Jesus Christ from other religions, and I’ve come across a wonderful story of a nurse who saw death.  She was working one night when she smelled a horrible smell – that of death.  When she got up to walk down the hospital corridor she saw a black shape drifting into a patient’s room; the black shape reminded her of demons she had seen as a child.  She followed ‘death’ into the patient’s room.  The patient (a man) had clearly died – his monitor showing all his vital functions was flat-lining.  The nurse prayed for him in the name of Jesus to come back to life.

Another nurse rushed into the room, concerned because the monitor at the nurses’ station had showed the patient flat-lining as well.  But as they both looked at the patient, they saw his heart start beating and him breathing again.  They checked his leads and they were all connected correctly.

The next day, the man’s wife told the nurse that the night before she had heard a hideous laugh and heard a voice saying, ‘I’m going to take your husband’s life tonight.’  She prayed desperately to God that He would send a Christian nurse or doctor to her husband’s room.

When her husband was able to talk, he told his wife that he had died and had met Jesus.  Jesus told him to go back because a nurse was praying for him.  And when he regained consciousness he heard the sound of someone praying for him.

Wow.  Jesus’ compassion and care for people is truly amazing.  It’s the best thing ever to know Him personally and to be able to really look forward to being with Him in Heaven.  What a privilege not to be scared of death, because Jesus has defeated death.