There are so many things we have to look forward to when we leave this earth and are ‘present with the Lord’.  Here are a few of them:

  • We’ll have rest (Rev 14:13).
  • We’ll see Christ’s face (Rev 22:4).  ‘…in heaven our Lord will be the very centre of interest and attention, for He will be all-glorious, and we will no longer be self-centred.  We will not be able to turn our eyes away from Him.’
  • We’ll hear all the wonderful ‘choruses and anthems’ of heaven.
  • We’ll work.  ‘It will be willing service, gladly rendered’.
  • We’ll rejoice.  ‘Because every task will be so thoroughly satisfying and refreshing, the redeemed will sing while they work.’
  • We’ll live.  ‘…they live and rejoice in an abundant and glorious fellowship.  Moreover, it is with Christ that they live.  Wherever you find Him, you will find them.  Whatever He does they do (in so far as it is possible for them to do).  Whatever He has, He shares with them.  (See Rev 3:12, 3:21, 4:4, 14:14, 14:1, 19:11, 19:14 and 20:4).’  He will give us a crown, a throne, a new name and a white horse.
  • We’ll reign.  ‘They share with Christ in His royal glory.’

This is something to be excited about!  This is real.  And we’ll be there before we know it. 

Quotes are from William Hendriksen’s book ‘The Bible on the Life Hereafter’.